About Us
John Mahony has practised commercial law for over forty years and has been a partner in three well known large law firms operating in both Sydney CBD and Western Sydney.  John has played a significant role in the development of the North West to become the fast growing business centre it is today.  His foresight saw the establishment of his practice at Norwest years before it employed the 35,000 people now living and working here.

Mahony Law provides specialist commercial legal services in, amongst others, the following main areas:

  • Corporate & Commercial Law
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Trade Practices Law
  • Commercial & Domestic Property Law
  • Australian & Business Structuring

The Firm occupies modern offices in the premier precinct of the Norwest Business Park and is equipped with state of the art software and communication systems.

Client Responses

Clients generously say that we are not just process-driven legal technicians but that we grasp the challenges faced by them in Commercial and Government life and thereby greatly contribute to the realisation of their goals.
Their experience is that our reasonable rates ensure that our advice can be frequently sought without hesitation and without the fear of the impending tax invoice. 

That is, we always “begin with the end in mind”

Mahony Law
Suite 308, Level 3
25 Solent Circuit
Baulkham Hills NSW 2153
Ph: 02 8188 9792
Fx: 02 9680 7429
E: john@mahonylaw.com.au
W: www.mahonylaw.com.au